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Hearing Aids Have Changed & Our Independent Hearing Experts Here for You!

When you start your hearing journey, it’s important that you like what you hear when you put on a hearing aid. If you experience distorting or unnatural sound quality, it could affect your motivation for improving your hearing life and your general quality of life. After caring for all types of hearing loss since 1936 we stay at the forefront of new hearing aid technology to consistently deliver the very best sound quality to our customers. At Arnold Hearing Specialists we are amongst the first to experience the latest product recently launched by one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers – Widex Moment.

Real-Life Hearing is Possible Again with Widex Moment

The newly launched Widex Moment delivers the purest, natural sound ever. It has given our customers sound that reminds them of what their hearing used to be like. Thanks to their patented technology, the Widex Moment Platform makes a real, audible difference to users. With rechargeable batteries, you never have to struggle with hearing aid batteries, and advanced water-resistant nano-coating reduces the risk of moisture damage in all RIC models.

Giving your more control – with just a few taps in a smartphone app, you can decide how you want to hear.

Get More Real-Life Insights – Empowering you to hear how you want to hear in every unique hearing situation.

Giving you flexible Care – Widex remote care allows us to fine-tune based on your hearing wherever you are.

Here is what our customers have to say…….

I got my hearing and music back” thanks to the professional services at Arnold Hearing Specialists. Without your help, my hearing would have ended my travels around Africa. I have to be able to communicate with everyone I meet. My hearing has not held me back as I have to hear every noise my new Fred the Camel (Ex Paris Dakar MAN race truck) makes, essential for exploring and avoiding breakdowns hundreds of miles from help. Oh, and don’t forget my saxophone. Music, listening and streaming music and phone calls is an absolute breakthrough in technology – crystal clear. Thank you all once more.”

We helped Laurence, we can help you too. Call us now and make an appointment if you or a loved one has hearing concerns. When Hearing Matters - Our Experience Matters!

Tel: 0115 8550855 Arnold Hearing Specialists, 99a Melton Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham. NG2 6ET.

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